• 6 contacts
  • max. 8 A switching & permanent current
  • Drive is monostable as DC
  • Ambient temperature -25 to +75 °C
  • With forcibly guided contacts to DIN EN 61810-3, application type A
  • cULus and TÜV approval

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Function / ApplicationSafety relay
Product lineHENGSTLER
Relay family480
Contactsetforcibly guided
According DIN EN 61810-3Application type A
Ambient temperature [°C]-25 ... +75 °C
Soldering heat resistance [°C]260 °C
Max. soldering time [s]5 s
Pins pre-soldered with Sn 100
  • TÜV
  • cULus
  • IEC EN 61810-3
  • IEC EN 61810-1
  • UL 508
Meets the requirementsRoHS
Number of NO contacts4
Number of NC contacts2
Number of CO contacts0
Dimensions L x W x H [mm]55,0 x 16,5 x 15,7 mm
Housingwashtight (RT III)
Shock resistance NO / NC [g]20/3 g
Puls duration (half sinus)11 ms
Vibration resistance NO / NC [g]15/3 g
Frequency range [Hz]10 - 200 Hz
Operating time NC contact, contact opens [ms] 11 ms
Operating time NO contact, contact closes [ms] 17 ms
Releasing time NO contact, contact opens [ms] 5 ms
Releasing time NC contact, contact closes [ms] 17 ms
Mechanical service life (without load)10,000,000 switching cycles
Connection typeSolder pins for pcb
Weight [g]30 g
Drive system DC monostable
Nominal coil voltage [V]5,5 ... 110 V
Coil resistance [Ohm]41 ... 16.010 Ohm
Contact material
  • AgSnO + 0,2µm Au
  • AgSnO + 2 µm Au
Max. switching current [A]8 A
Max. switching voltage [V]230/240 V
Max. switching capacity [VA]2000 VA
Switching capacity AC-15 at 230 V [Ie in A]5 A
Switching capacity DC-13 at 24 V [Ie in A]6 A (at 6 switching cycles / min.)
Electrical service life (with nominal load)100,000 cycles
Short-circuit capacity 1000 A / AC 230 V [A]6 A
InsulationReinforced insualtion
Piece per shell or rod [pcs.]20 pcs.
Piece per carton [pcs.]200 pcs.
Country of originSlovakia
Delivery time [weeks]on demand

The development of this safety relay product family was consequently linked to the demands of our customers and the market. The outcome is the worldwide smallest 6-contact force guided relay with a reinforced insulation between all contacts. Additional focus was put on low coil power consumption to reduce the heat, emitted by the relay, to a minimum. Due to the constant high number of electrical switching cycles, the new H-480 can be used for a broad range of safety applications. The variety of pin arrangements enables the customer a variable used of the relay, also in existing applications.

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