Force guided relays for the reliable door control in elevators 

Elevators for the transport of persons are subject to high safety requirements. Electrical circuits for this application must therefore meet the strict requirements of the Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) 3 and 4 (in accordance with EN IEC 61508). Levels 3 and 4 are the highest SIL levels - this means that the requirements for the relays used in elevators are very high. The reason for this is that the relays in elevators control the opening and closing of the doors. The doors may only open when the elevator is stationary in order to prevent danger to passengers. Hengstler safety relays with positively driven contacts ensure that the doors only open if the elevator car has reached its safe end position. With elevators with comfort switching, they ensure that the doors only open in a certain zone and at a certain speed. 

Hengstler safety relays of Series H-480 are used particularly frequently in the elevator industry. They are the world's smallest 6-contact positively driven relays. The relays of Series H-480 have reinforced insulation between the contacts and have a low coil capacity, which means that the heat development is significantly reduced.