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Personal / Confidential Information

Kiosks are used to improve customer satisfaction or to improve staff productivity and reduce operating costs. Increased spending in healthcare pressures doctors and hospitals to seek new ways to improve the effectiveness of their facilities. By installing so-called healthcare kiosks, hospitals are able to streamline workflows, reduce patient check-in times, and eliminate inefficient paper-based processes. Patients are now able to perform self-service registration, patient check-in or retrieve information relevant to their stay at the hospital. You can even pay for your visit digitally. Kiosks help hospitals concentrate on their core competencies by focusing on medicine, not bureaucracy.

All these benefits are lost, however, if the self-service device is constantly out of order. Therefore it’s important that the printer be reliable. We have been innovating in the printer business since 1965 and are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty thermal printers, e.g. printers that can retract printouts containing private medical information if they are not taken. Locked and secure within the kiosk enclosure, the printer pulls documents back into the printing mechanism either after a specified period of time, when the users step away or when paper jams occur. After a printout is retracted, the print buffer is cleared, keeping the user’s information private. Printing system solutions are our specialty!

Applications and Solutions:

  • Self-Serve Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Hospitals