Efficient printers and cutters for the transport industry

Higher efficiency for the operator, better service for the passenger. These are the current challenges facing the transportation industry. The trend within the industry is towards self-service machines that provide the customer with 24/7 service and availability. Self-service kiosks provide the passenger empowerment, reduced stress levels when travelling and less wait times in queues. A quick, hassle-free journey is the key for customer satisfaction. We can help you to provide comfortable service to your clients.

The search for the right printer is sometimes a challenging one. Not only are there so many choices on the market, with so many different features from so many different competitors, but every application also has different needs. Our expertise is based on specialized and diversified industry know-how and experience. Our thermal printers are used in kiosk systems and ticket machines for airline self-check-in, railway ticket vending and baggage tags. Paper widths from 50 to 210 mm are available, while paper weights can vary from 55 to 250 g/m². Our diversified product range is completed by accessories such as cutters, presenters, dual-roll mechanisms and bundlers.

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