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Frequently asked questions

The PROFIBUS address of a DP slave can be set in two ways:

1. By making settings on the device with the help of switches or other operation interface.

2. By sending a special telegram via the PROFIBUS. The address 126 is reserved as the default address for the DP slave. This second function is not necessarily supported by every DP slave.

  • The entry Set_Slave_Add_supp = 1 in the GSD file indicates whether this function is supported.

  • The address of a DP slave can only be changed in the Wait Parameter (WPRM) state. The master - typically a class 2 master - can only send a telegram to change the address of the DP slave when the DP slave is in this state. It should check in advance that the new address is free.

  • After changing the address, a cold start (power off and back on) of the DP slave is required.

  • Please also note to use following Hengstler GSD file:
    Hen100b7.gsd is to be used with tools, which support the 'ext user parameters' (e.g. COM_Profibus / Siemens). They allow easier, menue driven parameter selection by special keywords.