Integrity And Compliance

The Fortive Corporation is a premier global enterprise that is recognised for dealing honestly and fairly with investors, business partners, customers, associates and competitors.

As a Fortive Company, Hengstler' continued success depends on making sure its associates conduct business with absolute integrity. Associates work in full compliance with applicable laws, as well as complying with the Fortive Standards of Conduct (SOC) and operating policies and procedures.

"At Fortive Corporation, we are committed to a standard of excellence in every aspect of our business, to ethical and responsible conduct in all of our operations, to the respect of the rights of all individuals, and to respect for the environment. We expect the suppliers (as well as permitted subcontractors) who do business with Fortive’s subsidiaries, and with Fortive, if applicable, to share these same commitments. Fortive and its subsidiaries strongly encourage each Supplier to meet the following Supplier Code of Conduct in all activities that relate directly or indirectly to Fortive Corporation or any of its subsidiaries."

To ensure these high standards are upheld Hengstler relies on its partners to raise an issue if they are concerned that an action or behaviour is not being carried out in accordance with the standards of integrity or compliance detailed in the Fortive Standards of Conduct.

If you wish to make a report, please visit the Fortive Integrity and Compliance Helpline.