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Transport and traffic applications

In many different aspects of Transport and traffic applications, counters and other solutions made by Hengstler are in use. Besides hub odometers for recording the mileages covered by trailer axles, we can make our entire range of products available to solve many application problems.

Typical applications in agricultural vehicles, to name but one area, are counting operating hours, ensuring safe loading, maintenance monitoring, counting and metering quantities of materials to be distributed by special-purpose machinery (such as fertilisers and watering systems), and controlling attachments etc.

In material handling environments, our counters are used as robust control modules on-site. In container terminals, our counters safely and reliably record the maintenance intervals of spreaders. Control systems for cranes use our counters to record operating parameters and ensure maximum safe loadings are not exceeded. Counters offer the combined advantages of robust, cost-effective, efficient use right where they are needed. Counters from Hengstler provide fast, secure processing of input signals, scalability and cost-aware implementation.