Safe journey - with Hengstler railway safety relays

In rail transport, relays with positively driven contacts monitor numerous applications that are essential for smooth and safe operation. For example, safety relays are used in the following railway technology applications:

  • Braking systems
  • Door controls
  • Monitoring of level crossings
  • Dead man's switches
  • Fully automated trains

In addition, Hengstler safety relays ensure that trains are automatically stopped when passing a red main signal. If a train passes through a red signal, a magnetic coil on the signal automatically sends this information to a corresponding magnetic coil on the locomotive. This magnetic coil then immediately activates the brakes of the train and thus brings it to a stop.

Hengstler safety relays can also be found in fully automated, driverless trains, e.g. at airports. There, they control all safety-relevant functions and thus enable a comfortable, safe operation.