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Medical technology

In medical technology, Hengstler counters are a preferred choice for monitoring tasks, e.g. measuring operating hours for maintenance purposes. Electromechanical counters are highly compact in size and can be read off even when de-energised. Our counters will monitor the operating time of X-ray machines, control gear for fluorescent lamps used in medical environments and other medical applications.

Our counters are frequently used in conjunction with PLC controllers where they display values for the Operative where they are needed or trigger command states to a central controller. Integration of Hengstler counters in existing networks is also possible.

We have already developed special solutions tailor-made for customers in a range of medical and technical applications relating to plastics processing and controls.

We have collected considerable experience and knowledge in the field of developing mechanical and electronic components, whether metal or plastic.

Advantages of opting for Hengstler:

  • Experienced in all phases of project planning and development
  • High degree of skill in developing accurate solutions
  • Dependable implementation of developments in mass production
  • We would be pleased to discuss with you the possible developments and manufacturing options for a solution to your specific application issue.

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