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Hengstler provides numerous totalizers, preset counters, displays, tachometers, pneumatic counters and position displays to enable processes to be automated.

Our counters are used to help automate workflows (e.g. fill quantities in filling lines, part counters in production lines etc.). Depending on the application, quantities are registered using mechanical, electronic or electromechanical counters. The devices can be controlled using presets, trailing presets (conditional presets) or timer intervals and these are output via control outputs (relay or transistor outputs). They can be used to trigger acoustic or visual signals, notify central controllers of certain events, pass values on to the Operative, trigger conditions or follow-up events etc.

Example: With the aid of flow meters and a preset counter, it is possible to control the exact amounts of fluids poured or metered in filling lines and ensure perfect, problem-free, accurate filling processes.

Advantages of using Hengstler product families:

  • Rapid delivery
  • Sturdy, reliable components
  • Highest attention to quality demands
  • Kanban and other supply chain solutions easily implemented

Our qualified, experienced staff will be pleased to assist you in selecting the right components and solutions.