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Mechanical engineering

Our counters are used in many applications in engineering. We can provide totalizers, preset counters, displays, tachometers, pneumatic displays and position displays from our range of products.

Example: In conjunction with rotary encoders and other sensors, electronic counters can record machine states and, when predefined values or time intervals are reached, can trigger signals or processes via relay and other outputs. Our multifunction counters are remarkably versatile and easy to program. The new TICO series can be configured easily and safely either on the device itself or via a PC. Signal speeds of up to 60 kHz can be processed.

As well as controlling functions, they can be used to measure the duration or frequency of an event and these can then be read out for maintenance purposes, for example. A great advantage of our electromechanical counters is that they can be read off even when the device is switched off.

Mechanical counters, such as those in the 0301 series, can count strokes in mechanical motions (e.g. knuckle-joint presses etc.). Linear encoders are commonly found where physical cut-off lengths or distances are to be measured (e.g. cutting cables, film and other materials to specific lengths etc.).

A particularly important field of application for counters is pneumatic technology. Hengstler offers a broad range of pneumatic counters and timer devices, which allow pneumatic pulses to be controlled by a timer or converted to electronic signals.

Our mechanical Colibri totalising counters are worthy of special note: they are used to count events by means of magnetic pulses and are used where there is to be no physical contact and where there is no electric power supply available.

Our counters are used wherever it is essential to count or control quickly, safely and efficiently.

Make full use of our long-term experience in this field. Hengstler will be pleased to assist you in selecting the right technology.