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Today self-checkout is a beloved facet of retail, and is the first choice for a growing number of users. For the most part, adoption has been the highest at supermarkets and big-box retail stores, but an evolving number of technologies and innovative designs means that in the next few years, it will be possible for self-checkout’s benefits to be applied at virtually every type of customer-facing business.

Selecting a printer is only the first step; it must be mounted and configured mechanically, electrically and via software to integrate seamlessly with the customer’s equipment. We offer one of the largest ranges of complete, direct thermal printers for integration into your application. On the following pages you will find some examples of configurations and solutions; because the various mechanisms, paper handling modules and chassis allow the creation of many customized variants, this list is only a sampling of what is possible. If a standard Hengstler printer isn’t available to meet your design needs, a custom one can be developed for the purpose of insuring full compatibility.

Applications and Solutions: