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Life’s a Gas

OPT Gas Station

Propane is the most popular fuel used for outdoor barbecues. But when you’re ready to grill those delicious steaks and chops, nothing can ruin your party faster than running out of propane.

Normally, propane refills involve finding a store that’s open on Sundays or bank holidays, finding a store employee who’s actually working, going outside to refill the tank, then going back indoors to pay for your gas.

By which time it’s probably started raining.

So when an innovative American manufacturer decided to address this issue and create a self-service propane dispenser for a major home improvement chain, one of their key challenges was selecting a printer that would meet their grueling requirements. They needed a unit that would work reliably outdoors 365 days a year, be very easy to design in and maintain, and complete a customer receipt in less than a second via a high-speed USB interface.

After extensive review and testing, the manufacturer selected the Hengstler C-56 thermal printer for use in their propane kiosk, partly because many thousands are already in use in outdoor applications worldwide. Here’s how the new system works: the customer brings his empty tank to the kiosk, scans his credit card and places his empty tank in an open return cage. When the cage door closes, a sensor detects the empty tank, locks the door, and opens the corresponding door on a full tank. Sensors detect the full tank being removed, complete the transaction, and promptly print the receipt using the Hengstler C- 56. The customer has his full tank and can immediately return home. The home improvement chain was delighted with the results and plans to add the kiosks to most of the stores in their chain.