Pneumatic proximity switches (ATEX) Reset criteria

Width in mm
0 - 132
Height in mm
0 - 80
Depth in mm
0 - 125

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Proximity switches use sensors that respond to the object approaching them, i.e. without direct contact. Proximity switches are used in technical processes for detecting the position of workpieces and tools and to trigger safety actions. In many proximity switches, the sensors and switching mechanisms are combined in a common unit.

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Counter/Pneumatic_proximity_switches_ATEX/Pneumatic proximity switch - 490
18 mm
Mounting Options
M4 thread or retaining strap
IP Protection Class
Display: -
Function: Proximity switch
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Frequently asked questions

Pneumatic proximity switch is triggered by a magnetic field or an Fe object and does not require a direct contact. The device does not require a continuous air supply.

It is used for contactless scanning of pneumatic cylinders and similar applications. The presence of a magnetic field or Fe (iron) part triggers the pneumatic signal.

Proximity switch is in principle a 3/2-way pneumatic valve which is actuated without a contact via magnetic field or an Fe part.

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