497 ATEX

Preset time counter

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    Preset1 preset
    DisplayNumber disc
    • 3-digit
    • 5-digit
    FunctionTime counter (with ATEX)
    Product Family497 ATEX Preset time counter
    Digit Height [mm]4 mm (0.2 in)
    • button and pneumatic reset
    • button and automatic reset
    Signal Times
    • Signal duration at port A: Timers with pneumatic reset: From reaching preset value until Reset at 3 bar
    • Timers with automatic reset: 300 … 340 ms
    Reset Frequencymax. 1 per 2 s
    Count Inputadding
    Application Input/Output (Timer)
    • sec
    • min
    Counting RangeMaximum 15% in the first time unit (seconds or minutes)
    • 1/min 0.5% (minutes version)
    • 1/s 2% (seconds version)
    Time Settingafter reaching preset value, pressure air “ON” from output “P“ to “A“
    IP Protection Class
    • IP40 with connected hoses.
    • IP55 when using a transparent protection cover (see Accessories)
    Operating Temperature [°C]
    • 0 … + 60°C
    • Maximum compressed air temperature: 30°C
    Service Pressure2 - 6 bar
    Air QualityFiltered, dried and unlubricated air according to ISO 8573-1: 2010 [7:4:4]
    Filter Pore Widthdesigned for use with compressed air. Operation with other media/pure gases upon request
    Degree of Protection< 40 µm
    Vibration Resistanceuse suitable filters when necessary
    Shock Resistance
    • IP40 with connected hoses.
    • IP55 when using a transparent hinged cover (see Accessories)
    Cable Length
    • ATEX approval:
    • Gas: Ex II 2G Ex h IIB T4 Gb (0°C ? Ta ? 60°C)
    • Dust: Ex II 2D Ex h IIIB T130°C Db (0°C ? Ta ? 60°C)
    • Mining: Ex I M2 Ex h I Mb (0°C ? Ta ? 60°C)
    Size [mm]75x60x125
    Mountingfront panel installation
    Mounting Depth [mm]
    • with pneumatic reset: 122 mm
    • with automatic reset: 146 mm
    Front Panel Cutout52 x 52 mm
    Weight [g]Approx. 320 g (11.3 oz), with automatic reset approx. 350 g (12.3 oz)
    Connectionhose coupler M5
    Transistoris ventilated with supply air at the alarm