For those for whom "standard" is not enough

Kundenspezifische Lösungen
Customer specific design
Electrical adaptation
Mechanical adaptation
Extended ambient adaptation
Product replacement

For those looking for a customised solution.

Modular System
Product Adaptation

Do you need a custom-designed encoder, printer or counter? We work with you to develop the perfect product.

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For those that value the highest quality

High quality rotary encoders, people counters, kiosk printers and force guided relays

You want to develop a high-quality product and are looking for the ideal component? With our customer-specific solutions, you will be optimally equipped.

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For those that want to simplify the buying process

Short delivery time
Reliable supplier

Our customer-specific products help you to reduce the number of your suppliers. With us, you will get everything from one source.

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For those for whom our catalogue products are not customised enough.

Product Adaptation

A small adjustment is often enough to turn a standard component into a perfect component. It takes little effort to modify our products so that they optimally meet the requirements of your application.

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For those that need a high-quality replacement for a discontinued product

Numerous Options

Sometimes proven components are no longer available. Hengstler can provide a quick solution to this: We develop not only encoders, counters, printers and relays, but also many other components such as draw wire sensors, oil flow meters and gas flow meters. These products do not just replace the corresponding products made by well-known manufacturers, they also offer our customers real added value.

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High-quality, robust and customised: With Hengstler customer-specific products, you always have the optimum solution for your application!

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High-resolution encoders, force-guided relay, oil flow meter

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