• 8 or 10 contacts
  • max. 10 A switching and constant current
  • Drive available as DC monostable, DC bistable and as load-current controlled
  • Ambient temperatures -25 to +80 °C
  • Forcibly guided contacts to DIN EN 61810-3, Application type A
  • Meets requirements for signal relays under UIC 736e
  • cULus and TÜV approvals

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Function / ApplicationSafety relay
Product lineHENGSTLER
Relay family464
Contactsetforcibly guided
According DIN EN 61810-3Application type A
Ambient temperature [°C]-25 ... +80 °C
Soldering heat resistance [°C]260 °C
Max. soldering time [s]5 s
Pins pre-soldered with Sn 100
  • TÜV
  • cULus
  • DIN EN 61810-3
  • IEC 61810-1
  • UL 508
Meets the requirements
  • RoHS
  • UIC 736
Number of NO contacts2 ... 8
Number of NC contacts2 ... 7
Number of CO contacts0
Size3 / 4
Dimensions L x W x H [mm]
  • Size 3: 77,4 x 20,5 x 48,6 mm
  • Size 4: 87,4 x 20,5 x 48,6 mm
Housingdustproof (RT II)
Shock resistance NO / NC [g]10/10 g
Puls duration (half sinus)16 ms
Vibration resistance NO / NC [g]10/10 g
Frequency range [Hz]10 - 55 Hz
Operating time NC contact, contact opens [ms] 22 ms
Operating time NO contact, contact closes [ms] 29 ms
Releasing time NO contact, contact opens [ms] 5 ms
Releasing time NC contact, contact closes [ms] 7 ms
Mechanical service life (without load)10,000,000 switching cycles
Connection type
  • Solder pins for pcb
  • Coil: Wire
Fixing typeContact: Solder pins
Drive system
  • DC monostable
  • DC bistable
  • DC load current activation
Nominal coil voltage [V]
  • DC/AC monostable
  • DC bistable/loadcurrent
Nominal coil current [A]5 ... 220 V
Resistance tolerance [%]10 ... 73,700 Ohm
Max. switching current [A]
  • AgCdO + 0,2 ... 10 µm Au
  • AgSnO + 0,2 ... 5 µm Au
Continuous current Ith2 at same time over 2 contacts [A] 10 A
Max. switching capacity [VA]230/240 V
Max. switching capacity [W]2000 VA
Switching capacity DC-13 at 24 V [Ie in A]4 A
Contact gap about open contact2 A
Short-circuit capacity 1000 A / AC 230 V [A]100,000 cycles
Insulation10 A
Over voltage categoryBasic insulation
Piece per carton [pcs.]6 pcs.
Customs tariff number48 pcs.
SAP statusSlovakia
With its H-464 safety relays, HENGSTLER provides a solution for all those applications that involve a high number of electric switching contatcts. The safety relay is designed for the highest possible degree of reliability, robustness and a long electrical life-time. As a result, these safety relays can be used wherever high availability is essential, even at high switching loads. The DC drive system can be supplied as either a monostable or a bistable version. For special applications, it is possible to quote solutions in which the load current is fed direct to the relay coil, which enables the correct functioning of the load to be monitored. H-464 safety relays conform to DIN EN 61810-3 standard, Application type A, and IEC EN 61810-1. In addition, these safety relays also meet the requirements for railway signal relays in accordance with UIC 736e.

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