Reliable counting and positioning
Explosion-proof rotary encoders and counters

<p><strong>Reliable counting and positioning</strong><br />
Explosion-proof rotary encoders and counters</p>

Hengstler offers an extensive range of explosion-proof rotary encoders and counters for industrial use. The company, with headquarters in the Swabian municipality of Aldingen, manufactures not only the most compact explosion-proof encoder in its class, but also unique pneumatic counters and time counters with intrinsic safety approval. The products fulfill the requirements of the ATEX and IECEx directives and – depending on the product group – are certified in accordance with the US standards NEC500 and NEC505, as well as the requirements of the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC).

Whether in the oil and gas industry or foods and pharmaceuticals, painting systems or areas with sewage gases: Many applications are subject to a latent danger of explosion. Since even the most stringent safety precautions cannot always prevent the occurrence of an explosive atmosphere, all components in the critical areas of these systems must be certified for intrinsic safety. To this end, Hengstler offers numerous ATEX and IECEx approved rotary encoders and counters.

One of the most important explosion-proof rotary encoders is the ACURO AX71 absolute rotary encoder. These encoders feature resolutions of up to 12-bit multiturn (without batteries) and up to 22-bit single turn. They detect the position of drilling actuators and hoists in systems for oil, gas and geothermal power development. The rotary encoders are also suitable for petrochemical applications, grain mills, silo systems or power plant lifts (Ex II 2 G/EX II 2 D). ACURO AX71 encoders have high EMC and lightning protection and are resistant to extreme temperatures (-40 °C to +60 °C in explosive environments). Since the absolute rotary encoders are also insensitive to saltwater, they are also often used in marine applications.

For explosive atmospheres containing gas and dust, Hengstler specially developed the ACURO AX73. It is designed for extremely high precision and easy installation. The ultra-modern encoder features resolutions from 10 to 22 bits (single turn) and 12 bits (multiturn).

The most compact explosion-proof rotary encoder in its class is the ACURO AX65 with an overall height of only 70 mm and a diameter of 59 mm. This encoder can even be installed in confined spaces where other encoders would simply not fit. In addition to the 12-bit single turn and 12 – 16-bit multiturn resolution, the encoder is highly resistant to shocks (200g) and vibrations (30g). Its exceptionally robust design and the “mining” approval allow use of the absolute rotary encoder in mining applications, as well as all other environments containing explosive gases and dusts.

Hengstler also offers explosion-proof encoders such as the incremental ISD and HSD rotary encoder models and the AI25 - C1D2 absolute rotary encoders, which are certified in accordance with the NEC 500 standard, still widespread in the USA. They are suitable for use in systems with class, division and group categorizations.

Other in-demand explosion-proof products from Hengstler include pneumatic counters and time counters. They are suitable for monitoring and controlling all number- and time-controlled processes in pneumatic systems. Preset counters are used, for example, in air pulse systems to clear blocked conveyor belts. But they can also be used for item and batch counting in filling systems in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Hengstler manufactures explosion-proof pneumatic counters as totalizing counters, time counters and preset counters. The latter are designed for settings between 0.2 seconds and 99,999 minutes (69 days) – which is unique on the market.