Clockwork precision
Hengstler counters ensure reliable measurement of variables in sports

<p><strong>Clockwork precision</strong><br />
Hengstler counters ensure reliable measurement of variables in sports</p>

Many sports disciplines require the exact measurement of variables. For decades, Hengstler has been manufacturing robust and reliable counters for this area of application. The instruments are also used to measure routes for major sports events.

Sports associations can use the type 101 (0 101 615) mechanical counter from Hengstler, for example, for the exact measurement of marathon routes. This is done by riding a bicycle along the route with a counter mounted on the wheel hub. A totalizer counts the revolutions and displays the result on a 5- or 4-digit display with easy to read 4.2 mm high characters.

The revolution counter operates on the principle of addition in the direction of rotation. The counter is available in three housing versions: surface-mounted, integrated, and no housing. The Hengstler counter is not only robust and reliable, but is also designed as a versatile unit for mounting on bicycles with disc brakes and a hub dynamo, as long as certain requirements are fulfilled.

Hengstler counters can also be found at fairs: the type 309 mechanical totalizing counter, for example, counts the total number of shots from air rifles. This allows booth operators to monitor wear of the rifles to ensure optimal service intervals. The type 309 counter features a very compact design (23 x 32 x 21 mm). This makes it ideal for integration in air rifles, where installation space is limited. The type 309 totalizing counter likewise functions on the principle of addition in the direction of rotation. It is available with a 4-digit or 5-digit display.

Another area of application for mechanical counters from Hengstler is coin mechanisms – for example, in billiard or soccer tables in pubs. The type 101 counter registers the total number of coins inserted. It can achieve a maximum of 1,000 rpm or 500 strokes per minute. The 4- or 5-digit display with 4.2 mm high characters is integrated in a robust housing designed for strength and hardness.

Hengstler has a worldwide reputation for its reliable counters. In addition to the mechanical versions, the company also specializes in digital and pneumatic counters.