Railway Relays by Hengstler

Reliable, durable and high quality railway relays


For those interested in the highest possible quality and reliability

Thanks to our quality level combined with impressive reliability, you and your customers can save time and spend it on other activities.


For those who are looking for long time product availability

Both you and your customers will benefit from long product availability: we live by this principle at Hengstler.


For those developing a product with signal relays according to the requirements of EN 50578

Over the last 35 years, numerous railway projects have successfully implemented Hengstler safety relays according to EN 50578. The range of applications include door controls, dead man's switches, point controls, axle counters and many more.

Safety Relays

For those confronted with the choice of using safety relays vs. semiconductor technology.

When using safety relays with forcibly guided contacts, simple, robust and deterministic safety circuits are easier to implement. The diagnostic coverage is typically higher when using safety relays than with semiconductors.


For those who want to use reliable, durable, high quality and modern components in your product.

Since 1976 we have been constantly developing and improving our safety relays to provide you and your customers with the best possible product. The numerous end customer projects with a Hengstler safety relay speak for themselves! You can rely on us; we are in the background, providing maximum safety!

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