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We are Europe's largest manufacturer of label cutters.
Hengstler uses a special grinding and curing process which can only be done by specialists.

Our Linerless Label Cutter

For those of you who care about their company's green footprint


Integrating the Hengstler linerless auto label cutter will give you a competitive advantage - solving the issue of cutting linerless labels properly.

Our Linerless Label Cutter


For those of you who want to integrate an auto cutter and forget about it

Easy Installation

Our special Hengstler linerless auto cutter is easy to install and is suitable for linerless applications. Customers using this save material costs. As with linerless labels, customers use more of the roll, and at the same time minimize their environmental footprint.

Our Linerless Label Cutter

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Vibration resistant

A wide range of customer-specific product customization ensures the right fit. As a customer you can rely on Hengstler as one supplier for all enquiries.

Our Linerless Label Cutter

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