ICURO RI58 Incremental Encoder
Extremely precise, flexible and smart


Highest accuracy

"When designing rotary encoders, we push the boundaries of physical possibility!"

High Accuracy

While the resolutions of many industrial rotary encoders remain well below 10,000 strokes, or interpolate corresponding resolutions from lower resolutions using mathematical methods, the special optical design of ICURO RI58 enables an actual resolution of 10,000 pulses per revolution.


Maximum design freedom

"Our modular system offers more than 50 million possible standard product configurations."

Freedom of Design

This maximum design freedom for designers is also the result of a wide range of flange and connection variants. If these are still not sufficient, Hengstler is always ready to develop customer-specific extensions and implement them at short notice.


Continuous self-monitoring via error/"everything-in-order" signal

"We make conditional monitoring easy."

Condition Monitoring

Ideal applications RI58 incremental encoders include machine tools, CNC axes, packaging machines, injection moulding machines and sawing machines, as well as engines. If a malfunction is detected, an alarm signal is output; this can be displayed visually or transferred to a controller.


Ready to operate under adverse environmental conditions due to high availability

"Our users need to have full confidence in the products they use."

Vibration Resistance
Shock Resistance

Our robust product design means that Hengstler encoders are not only suitable for operation under adverse conditions, but also ensures that they are perfectly safe throughout the "normal" service life of the product. This also prevents undesired failures in operation with a high degree of reliability. Our high delivery reliability ensures that your ordered product gets to you right on time!