The AD58S-DQ - our DRIVE-CLiQ solution
for demanding operating conditions!

AD58 DRIVE-CLiQ Product Page

The ACURO-Drive absolute rotary encoder series from Hengstler was specifically developed for installation in servo motors. A rotary encoder that has been developed for a long service life in environments with strong vibrations, shocks and mechanical stress, but which can still work with great precision.

The AD58S-DQ is a built-in motor encoder for servomotors in single-turn (ST) and multi-turn (MT) versions with a DRIVE-CLiQ interface for the SINAMICS group of drive systems from Siemens. One advantage of the DRIVE-CLiQ interface is the simplified commissioning and configuration. A complex configuration which makes disruptive adapter boxes a thing of the past

The integrated temperature sensor is mainly used to monitor the temperature in the rotary encoder. In addition, the AD58S-DQ encoder has a separate connection for measuring the motor winding temperature and enables these data to be recorded directly in the rotary encoder and transmitted with a DRIVE-CLiQ telegram. This ensures reliable functioning and improved operation of the motor even with high temperatures in the motor winding.

The AD58S-DQ fulfils the requirements of SIL 2 / PL d / Category 3 and, together with the SINAMICS drive system, the requirements of a safety-integrated drive system.

Convincing arguments:

  • High-precision ACURO drive technology
  • DRIVE-CLiQ interface
  • Simplified certification of the entire system
  • Single-turn (ST) and multi-turn (MT) encoders for high-performance motion control
  • Rotary encoders for functional safety applications (SIL2 PLd, category 3)
  • Maximum precision: 24 bit ST + 12 bit MT single / multi-turn encoders
  • Wide range of working temperatures
  • IP50 degree of protection
  • Up to 10,000 rpm in continuous long-term operation
  • Motor temperature monitoring and temperature monitoring of the rotary encoder
  • Optical rotary encoder with gear-based multi-turn encoder

Applications: servo motors for machine tools

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