ACURO - AC58 Profinet Encoder

High Performance. Robust Design.
High Flexibility.

ACURO - AC58 Profinet Encoder
  • PROFINET - Encoder Profile PNO 3.162 Version 4.1 and 4.2
  • Resolution up to 34 Bit (22 Bit Singleturn + 12 Bit Multiturn)
  • Updating of values 125μs / Cycle time 31.25μs Diagnostic LEDs
  • "Best in Class" shock and vibration specs
  • Ambient temperature of -40°C … +85°C
  • Device data: position, speed, acceleration, diagnostic data, alarms
  • Device configuration: resolution, total measuring range,
    preset, off set, direction, scaling, residual value function,
    speed limits, acceleration limits
  • Large number of variants available
  • High energy eff iciency

For Position Feedback in any kind of general machinery or factory automation application with an Profinet interface.
For example:

  • Packaging Machines
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Wood Processing Machines
  • Assembly and Handling Technology
  • Conveyor Technology
  • Printing and Paper Machines

Simplifies the design process and ensures reliable communications.

We all know that no two industrial applications are alike. That’s why the Hengstler AC58 absolute encoder series is available with an incredible array of different options and features, including 22-bit single-turn resolution. But what if our standard variants don’t meet your needs? Then Hengstler is able to of er custom versions to fulfill your requirements! Extended temperature range, greatly enhanced shock and vibration ratings, and custom shaft sizes and shapes are just a few of the features we have provided to our customers recently. This flexibility makes the Hengstler AC58 Profinet encoder one of the most versatile absolute encoders on the market, in addition to being one of the most robust.

Now the AC58 product line has been expanded by the addition of the popular Profinet interface. Use of systems employing this open, high performance Ethernet-based system continues to grow rapidly. By offering the AC58 with Profinet, users can now integrate one of the best absolute encoders on the market with virtually any system using Profinet. This simplifies the design process and ensures reliable communications.


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