Position sensors for medical technology applications

Position sensors for medical technology applications

Medical technology applications must function precisely and reliably at all times. That is why renowned manufacturers use Hengstler components in their surgical robots, CTs or dialysis machines. They value the accuracy, radiation resistance and compact design of our rotary encoders, counters and relays.

Positioning and monitoring medical diagnostic systems

Position sensors in diagnostic imaging systems
Position sensor

The precise alignment and monitoring of medical diagnostic systems is a prerequisite for providing patients with optimal therapy.

Rotary encoders for positioning diagnostic imaging systems


The Challenge

Whether these procedures are in computer tomography (CT), magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), mammography, X-ray machines (C-arm) or positron emissions tomography (PET), imaging procedures only yield good results, if both the patient table and the scanner are precisely aligned.

The Solution

Our position sensors ensure the precise positioning of diagnostic imaging systems. The absolute encoders ACURO AC58, ACURO AD35 and ACURO AD36 do not only offer an extremely high level of accuracy (±35"). They also have a high resolution of up to
34 Bit (as multiturn rotary encoders). Further advantages are their radiation resistance and compact design. Absolute encoders from Hengstler are available as multiturn rotary encoders, single-turn rotary encoders, robotics encoders and miniature rotary encoders.

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Counters enable the optimal functioning of laboratory technology

Laboratory Pipette
Blood Analysis

The Challenge

The highest accuracy is required when setting the pipetting volume in the laboratory, as valid test results can only be obtained with precisely dosed fluids. Operating blood analysis devices or blood counting machines require the highest level of care: Only regularly maintained systems provide reliable values.

The Solution

Hengstler counters monitor the service life of the blood analysis devices and thus enable optimal maintenance. Our counters also support the laboratory staff in the accurate dosing of samples. We provide both standard counters and customised designs.

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For precise medical therapies

Robotics Encoder
Robotics Encoder

Components for therapy devices should be radiation-resistant, reliable, compact and energy-efficient. They sometimes also require a high level of accuracy.

Rotary encoders position surgical robots

Robotics Encoder
Surgical Table

The Challenge

In surgical robots, in proton therapy for cancer patients or in the production of spectacle lenses, the exact alignment of surgical instruments, scanners or lasers is essential for achieving good results.

The Solution

Position sensors from Hengstler, thanks to their high resolution, make even complicated brain operations possible where absolute precision is essential. In scanners and lasers, they also ensure the precise irradiation of tumours or the exact cutting of spectacle lenses. Our rotary encoders are therefore predestined for use in high-precision medical technology applications.

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But of course: relays and counters in defibrillators and dialysis machines

Dialysis machine

The Challenge

Dialysis machines must not fail during dialysis, otherwise the life of the patient would be in danger. Defibrillators must work properly in an emergency and be easy to handle.

The Solution

Counters from Hengstler record the operating times of dialysis machines and thus support the staff in the optimal maintenance of the systems. Our mains isolation relays, with their voltage regulation, ensure that defibrillators can be used safely at all times, even by laypersons.

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To ensure effective rehabilitation training


Position sensors keep exoskeletons in shape


The Challenge

Motor-assisted exoskeletons are used in the medical rehabilitation of patients with paralysis, multiple sclerosis or paraplegic symptoms. They must react to the movements of the patient with precision.

The Solution

Hengstler rotary encoders provide position feedback in the exoskeletons and thus enable the optimal support for the patient during their exercises.

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We make medical technology safe

Our rotary encoders, counters and relays are used in numerous medical technology devices worldwide.

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