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Future proof your portfolio and accelerate your Industry 4.0 roadmap with solutions from Hengstler. Learn about the innovations that we will showcase at SPS 2019 including SCS Open Link, an Industry 4.0 ready open protocols that enables quick implementation of data aggregation from multiple sensor types, solutions for functional safety applications and remote condition monitoring for servo motors with gearboxes.


Accelerate Your Industry 4.0 Transformation

Today’s automation leaders are seeking solutions that will enable machines with advanced analytics, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, while also offering improved efficiency, and fast time to market. None of these alone are easy challenges. However, your competitors are launching new solutions at an increasing rate meant to meet these challenges.

To help our customers stay ahead of this trend and Hengstler, together with our partners, has created SCS Open Link, an open communication platform that provides high performance data transmission over a cost effective single cable solution, designed to quickly and efficiently connect rotary encoder and other sensors to edge computing and Industry 4.0 solutions.

SPS in Nürnberg

More than just a protocol, SCS Open Link provides a long term platform for your Industry 4.0 roadmap, reduce time to market, create new revenue streams and help our customers build solutions for the factory of tomorrow.

Energy Efficient

Learn more about our high performance single cable solution certified for functional safety that can reduce costs, improve machine availability and enable your Industry 4.0 roadmap.

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Solutions for Functional Safety


AD37 and AD58S


The applications for functional safety are constantly increasing as the usage of automation in the factory environment continues to grow. With this, increased risk from workers performing operations in close proximity to automated systems and robots or directly interacting with these machines are on the rise, posing increased risk to worker safety and compliance. With pressures to improve safety and certify systems designs, more machine builders are seeking to implement functional safety but testing and certifying these systems adds to overall product development and time to market. With this in mind Hengstler offers solutions certified for functional safety applications that can be quickly implemented and reduce your overall time to market.


Functional Safety Encoder: AD58S
High performance absolute encoder designed for functional safety applications (SIL2, PLd or SIL3, PLe, category 3)

  • Functional Safety applications (SIL2 PLd, category 3)
  • Extremely high resolution: up to 24 Bit ST + 12 Bit MT
  • DRIVE-CLiQ and Acuro Link interface options


Functional Safety Protocol: SCS Open Link

High Performance Single Cable Solution Certified for Functional Safety That Enables Industry 4.0

  • Functional safety - SIL2 / SIL3, PLd / PLe, category 3
  • Effective diagnosis - secure communication
  • Safe operation
  • "Black Channel" compatible




Solution for Remote Condition Monitoring

As the average of the factory increases, maintaining efficient production while avoiding downtime caused by failing motors and bearings is a major pain point for end users. Faced with hundreds if not failures of potential failure points, it can be difficult to predict where the next failure may occur and prepare a spare or order maintenance in advance of a catastrophic failure.
While plant wide predictive maintenance systems exist, they can require a large upfront investment, careful implementation and process development to integrate into existing maintenance programs. With tight capital budgets and uncertain return on investment, what is needed is a system that can be installed quickly at an affordable price point to prove results, then scale to other assets based on success.
For such stand alone motor and bearing applications, Hengstler offers the Dynapar OnSite™ condition monitoring system with powerful analytics tools. More than just an alarm, the OnSite system helps end users diagnose problems remotely and find the root cause to issues so they can be counter measured before they occur again.



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Affordable remote condition monitoring with integrated triaxial vibration and temperature sensors with optional speed input. Built in analytics tools such as FFT graphs, RMS trend and timewave form analysis. 


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With thousands of rotating motors and bearings to track, how do successful reliability managers experiment with IIoT systems in their facility? Download the white paper to see how.



High-precision encoder for Industry 4.0


ACURO - AC58 Profinet Absolut-Drehgeber


Robust, precise and energy efficient - these are the encoders of the ACURO AC58 series from Hengstler. The ACURO AC58 now comes as standard with the latest Profinet protocol 4.2 and is prepared for the interface standard OPC-UA. Thus, the encoders are ideal for all IoT applications such as the remote maintenance, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Integration into the current SIEMENS environment is also easily possible.


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