Equivalents to Schneider’s Zelio Count series are now available at Hengstler

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Have you heard?
With effect from 31 December 2021, Schneider Electric will cease distribution of the Zelio Count series

But no need to worry: you can continue to source alternative products with same form-fit-function now from Hengstler. How does that work? Really simple: in future, you can buy the alternative products as before in the same trusted quality – branded as Hengstler.

Counters from Hengstler

  • achieve high speeds
  • are versatile for many applications
  • provide outstanding quality and durability
  • are highly resilient to shocks and have high magnetic resistance
  • are easy to handle
  • are maintenance-free for long periods
  • consume little energy.

Our counters

To find out which Hengstler counter corresponds to your Schneider counter, simply enter the Schneider product number in the search field on this page. This will immediately show you which product number the counter supplied by us has, so you can order it quickly and easily.

Schneider item number
Schneider item description
Hengstler item number
Hengstler item name

We will be happy to assist you in selecting the right alternative for your Schneider counter. Please contact Yalcin Sahin – either by telephone on +49 7424 89 631 or by email at

We look forward to welcoming you as a new customer!

In addition to these items, we also supply high-grade encoders, printers and relays for your applications.

Efficient and versatile: our printers & cutters

No matter what application you need a printer for – we have the right solution to meet your needs. Hengstler has 50 years of experience in the manufacture of direct thermal printers, statement printers, kiosk printers, ticket printers, receipt printers and till receipt printers. Our printers work extremely efficiently and have been used worldwide for decades.

By the way: we also have a wide selection of cutters in our product range – powerful cutting action, self-sharpening and maintenance-free.More

High resolution and robust: our rotary encoders

We provide encoders for all areas of application. In our wide product range of products you will find absolute encoders, incremental encoders, motor feedback encoders, resolvers, encoders for EX applications and heavy-duty encoders. There are numerous different kinds of encoders: some with very high resolutions, some with specially sealed housings and some for broad temperature ranges. More

Where perfect switching action counts: relays from Hengstler

Whether it is safety relays with forcibly guided contacts, mains isolation relays or high-voltage relays you require: we can offer you a broad range of solutions of the highest technical quality for your switching tasks. More