DC 636 - the new hour meter

Hour Meter DC 636

For those looking for a replacement for the Honeywell hour meter

Dust and Water Resistant
Shock Resistant

Honeywell has ceased production of its widely used electromechanical hour meters. Hobbs electromechanical hour meters are also no longer available. The new high-quality Hengstler DC 636 hour meter can replace these devices like for like.

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For those looking for robust flexible quality from a reliable manufacturer

Designed in Germany
Delivery Reliability

The Hengstler DC 636 hour meter was developed in Germany and is manufactured in Europe to ensure the highest quality. This also guarantees a high capacity for delivery. The DC 636 is the first choice for all companies that offer their customers predictive maintenance – e.g. machine leasing providers, product designers, maintenance engineers and fitters.

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For those working under the toughest operating conditions

Vibration Resistant
Shock Resistant
Dust and Water Resistant

The DC 636 hour meter is robust, and thanks to its impeccable sealing design, it is suitable for outdoor use even in adverse weather conditions – such as in tractors, boats or construction machinery.

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For those who want efficient maintenance

Condition Monitoring
Easy Installation

The Hengstler DC 636 is an extremely robust and reliable hour meter. It indicates what maintenance is required well in advance, and as such plays a key role in maintenance.  

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