COLIBRI 490 - the mechanical counter


For those for whom efficient production is important


With our non-contact Colibri 490 mechanical counter you can see well in advance which tools or equipment are at the wear limit and need to be replaced soon. This will prevent unplanned downtimes.

Colibri - The Mechanical Counter

For those looking for an uncomplicated condition monitoring solution

Condition Monitoring

The Colibri counter can be mounted on your system or tool in no time at all.

Colibri - The Mechanical Counter


For those for whom electronic condition monitoring is not an option


The Colibri counter is ideal for applications that operate without electricity - whether mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic.

Colibri - The Mechanical Counter

For those for whom durability is vital

Vibration resistant
Shock resistant
Water resistant

Our Colibri counter is completely insensitive to external influences such as vibrations, dirt, heat or cold.

Colibri - The Mechanical Counter

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