Components for a length measuring system


Would you like to...
... know how fast your conveyor belt is running?
... know how many metres of material should be processed?
... stop or restart your production process after a specific exact length.

With our components you can easily measure and display all of this information.
Position measurement, rotation speed measurement or length measurement, with an incremental rotation control encoder and a TICO 772, various applications can be used. The right measuring wheel for the material to be measured, combined with the flexible mechanics, ensure that the material and system are adapted to changes and that no incorrect measurements or damage can occur on the components.

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So that the measurement results are not falsified when driving the system using measuring wheels, it must be ensured that the slippage is kept as small as possible. When selecting the profile (surface), the nature of the material to be measured, its elasticity, thickness and drag resistance must be taken into account.
In addition, the slippage is also influenced by the width of the measuring wheel applied to the material, the contact pressure, the tensile stress in the material to be measured and the wrap angle.
The wrap angle should be as wide as possible. The central part of the wheels is made of cast metal or plastic (shown by the identification markings).
The position of the measuring wheel should be chosen so that the direction of the flow of materials is away from the bearing point of the encoder.




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Detailed description of how to select the right components and how to use them effectively for a length measuring system.

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