ACURO - AC58 Profinet Encoder


For those of you looking to get the most out of their machines

High accuracy allows increased efficiency, reduced power consumption and lower self-heating of highly dynamic motors.

Highest precision and performance in the market

  • Resolution up to 22 bit ST (+ 12 bit MT)
  • Very short cycle time of 31.25μs
  • Absolute accuracy +/- 35"
  • Repeatability +/- 10"


For those of you expecting to use latest technology

The latest Profinet encoder profiles and OPC-UA capability ensure enablement for modern Industry 4.0 applications.

Most recent technology used in rotary encoders

  • Newest encoder profile 4.2
  • Prepared to implement OPC-UA


For those of you who want to install an encoder and forget about it

Longer operating times make it possible to better utilize machines, reduce maintenance costs and keep spare parts to a minimum.

Most robust design in the market

  • Highest shock and vibration resistance
  • Wide temperature range

Resists strong environmental influences

  • AC61 stainless steel version available
  • IP-rating up to IP67

For those of you who care about their green company footprint

Our products allow customers to operate their business with smaller and more favorable supplies, save energy and present their company in an environmentally friendly light.

Higher energy efficiency through

  • Low power consumption of 1.5 watts (Multiturn)
  • Smooth machine operation due to highest precision and performance


For those of you who are new to implementing Profinet

Installation instructions and support lead step by step to the fully integrated product - without much time and training effort.

Detailed user manual available

  • Easy to use
  • Step by step guide from unboxing until full integration in Siemens TIA portal


For those of you who want to simplify their buying process

A wide range of accessories and customer-specific product customization ensures the right fit for you.

Matching accessories available, including

  • Connecting cables, mounting brackets, cable pulleys, couplings, measuring wheels

"Specials are our specialty"

  • Individually customized versions possible
  • Scope for customization reaches from modification of label up to complex specific designs

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