ICURO RI59 Incremental



  • Universal industrial rotary encoders
  • Up to 40,000 steps with 10,000 lines
  • High degree of signal accuracy
  • Ingress protection up to IP67
  • Flexible application thanks to many flanges and connection options
  • Suitable for high jolt loads
  • Typical fields of application are machine tools, CNC axes, Packaging machines, Motors/ drives, Injection moulding machines, Sawing machines
  • For EX applications, see RX 70-l
  • Operating temperature up to 100°C (RI 58-T)

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Product FamilyRI59
Ordering InformationRotaryEncoderRI59
Fuction / ApplicationIncremental
  • UL
  • CE
Housing Diameter [mm]58 mm
Solid- / Hollow ShaftSolid 9,52 ... 10 mm
Protection Rating HousingIP67
Operating Temperatur [°C]-10 ... +70 °C
Housing OptionStainless Steel
Increased Environmental Requirements
  • Chemical resistance
  • Seawater resistant
Revolutions [rpm]10,000 rpm
Number of Pulses2 ... 10000
  • Push-pull
  • Push-pull complementary
  • RS422

The universally applicable industrial incremental encoders in the RI58 family are characterised by being particularly flexible. There are a number of different versions offering a range of flanges and connections. These encoders are suitable for high shock loads and feature high signal accuracy and up to 40,000 steps with 10,000 marks and are particularly well suited to use in machine tools, CNC axes, packaging machines, motors / drives, injection moulding machines and sawing machines.