• Unique sealing concept: Protection against dust, oil, grease, gas and other contaminations
  • Designed for applications involving high levels of impact and vibrations
  • Integrated shaft coupling: compensation for axial and radial shaft play
  • Protection against induced shaft currents: Electrically isolated from the motor shaft
  • Simple, fast installation
  • Large temperature range: -40°C to +100°C

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Product FamilyHSD44T
Ordering InformationRotaryEncoderHSD44T
Fuction / ApplicationIncremental
Housing Diameter [mm]112 mm
Solid- / Hollow ShaftHollow 16 mm
Protection Rating HousingNEMA 6
Operating Temperatur [°C]-40 ... +100 °C
Housing OptionAluminium
Increased Environmental Requirements
  • High mechanical robustness
  • vehicle application
Revolutions [rpm]6.000 rpm
Number of Pulses1024
InterfaceDifferential Line Driver

The North Star HSD44 series rotary encoders that have proven themselves in heavy-duty rail operation are designed for extreme working conditions. The devices provide 1024 pulses per revolution (PPR) via a tough, stainless steel disc in conjunction with a specially-developed optical sensor. The large slot in the sensor reduces the sensitivity of the motor bearings to impact, vibrations and wear. The HSD44 has been specifically designed for attachment to the end of a motor. Adapter plates are available for popular motor types. On request, we can manufacture adapter plates for any appropriate application. The HSD44 is ideally suited to controlled motor feedback in heavy-duty drives and hybrid-drive vehicles. It has been tried and tested in the field and is reliable in heavy-load applications and industrial environments.