Current Situation Regarding COVID-19 

Dear Valued Customer,  
We appreciate your recent inquiry about potential impact on our operations due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our aim is to assure you that precautions regarding COVID-19 remain ongoing as we continue to monitor our operations daily.  

At present, none of our employees are directly affected by the virus. We are observing regional infection rates, governmental action, and employee absence due to self-isolation and childcare at our manufacturing locations closely to recognise and manage risks accordingly. Stringent measures including a ban on non-essential travel and site visitors, and preparations to maximise social distance through home office working where possible have been implemented.

Our team is engaged in consistent communication with our supply chain. We have proactively communicated with all first and second-tier suppliers to help anticipate and alleviate any possible effects from the virus. Our impacted suppliers have resumed production although some are experiencing capacity constraints. Currently, disruption to the supply chain is minimal, but countermeasures are in place if necessary.

In anticipation of delivery delays over Chinese New Year, and then in reaction to the spreading Coronavirus epidemic, we have taken steps to bring on extra inventory where it is needed. Also, our teams proactively identified and are in the process of qualifying alternative suppliers in areas that could potentially see impact from the virus. Our priority is providing customers with undisrupted service and supply, regardless of the developments and outcomes of COVID-19. We continue to keep
close communications with our procurement leaders and suppliers, to secure capacity, and utilize the most appropriate logistics solution.

We will contact customers individually if we anticipate any potential changes to delivery schedules. Especially given current border closures in Europe, we kindly ask that you place orders as early as possible. Please consult our customer service teams to verify lead times when placing any large quantity of unscheduled orders during this time.

With kind regards 
H E N G S T L E R     G M B H 

Andreas Wenzel  
Vice President / General Manager EMEA