Document output with high speed

Because of its compactness, robustness and high printing speed, the Hengstler eXtendo® X-56 thermal printer is ideal for use in reverse vending machines and baggage handling systems

Hengstler thermal direct printers optimize reverse vending machines and baggage handling systems.

Printers in baggage handling systems and reverse vending machines must be extremely powerful, compact and durable. Hengstler's extendo® X-56 Thermal Direct Printer has been specifically designed to meet these demanding requirements and is therefore the number one choice for machine manufacturers.

A producer of empties systems has been using the C-56 printer from Hengstler for a long time. Hengstler developed a special solution for a customer of the company who wanted to print not just pawns but correct coupons with the machines. To avoid hanging coupon strips from the machine, a printer with automatic cutter was required. The vending machine manufacturer opted for the direct thermal printer eXtendo® X-56. This printer is one of the most versatile devices on the market and has a TwinCut and / or a rotary cutter. It is ideal for empties systems, as it can print up to 350 mm of paper per second thanks to its high speed. The eXtendo® X-56 is designed for paper widths from 49 to 60 mm (print width: 56 mm) and, with its compact dimensions of 100x92x120 mm, has room even in very tight spaces.

This feature also predestines the eXtendo® X-56 for use in modern self-service baggage handling systems that are increasingly being encountered at airports. At the automated facilities, passengers can hand in their luggage in just a few steps. A printer then prints the baggage tag that the passenger attaches to his suitcase. Since many passengers are to be handled in as short a time as possible, the printers in the plants have to work extremely efficiently. The devices should be compact and easy to fill and be able to reliably detect the beginning of the leaves. Sufficient capacity to accommodate large rolls of paper should also be available to ensure long operating times between roll changes.

The eXtendo® X-56 thermal printer with its high printing speed is the ideal solution for these "baggage drop" systems. Another important requirement is the ability to print and cut the modern self-adhesive paper grades, which the eXtendo® X-56 masters excellently. The automatic paper feed makes filling the stations a breeze: the roll only has to be inserted at the back of the printer, the rest is done by the machine. The eXtendo® series printers can handle paper up to 250g / m2. They are available with different integrated paper roll holders for different roll sizes and also on customer-specific chassis. Hengstler offers them with the cutter TwinCut up to 160 gr / sqm or rotary cutters for the stronger types of paper (such as parking tickets in ISO format). The eXtendo® X-56 can be used at temperatures from -25 ° C to + 70 ° C and up to 100% relative effort (optional).