Hengstler is a founding member of the BiSS Association e.V.
New organization should inspire the open-source interface technology for industrial control systems

The newly created user organization has dedicated itself to the expansion of the BiSS family of open source communication protocols (http://www.biss-interface.com) worldwide.

The BiSS interface is compatible with the proven SSI interface, but offers significant improvements. BiSS supports continuous real-time communication between controllers and sensors. The recently introduced BiSS Safety provides functional safety for critical systems, up to SIL3 PLe. The application spectrum for BiSS interfaces ranges from production robotics, motor feedback and servo drives, motion control and position sensors to CNC machines. Hengstler has launched the first encoder with BiSS interface as early as 2002.

BiSS is offered as an open-source interface. Accordingly, no license fees are payable to manufacturers of BiSS-enabled devices or their customers. The newly created BiSS Association e.V. is authorized to grant the equipment manufacturers as well as the users free BiSS licenses. The agreement was used without difficulty by the patents and trademark rights for iSSs held by iC-Haus.

The newly created user organization will expand the use of BiSS technology worldwide. The central communication channel is an internet platform, which enables providers and users to present and exchange BISS solutions. The platform also addresses technical standards and communicates cooperative marketing initiatives. Alexander Ehnert of Hengstler GmbH was appointed treasurer at the constitutive session. A membership in the BiSS association is open to all companies and institutions. Access to BiSS technologies and licensing agreements is equally available to members and non-members.