Hengstler Paper Clip – the Presenter Alternative

Hengstler eXtendo printer with Paper Clip

Hengstler recently developed and introduced a paper clip as a presenter alternative, when the use of a presenter is not possible due to space availability and limitation inside a kiosk or to keep the cost of the total system as low as possible. The paper clip is a small clip made out of thin metal that can be used for receipt paper, tickets, labels with liner, or other materials. The inexpensive feature that can be ordered either with the printer or as accessory.

Many kiosk applications use a presenter to prevent vandalism, protect private information, or to keep untaken documents off the floor. Keeping the floor safe: as odd as it may sound, one reason for a presen¬ter, especially in an indoor environ¬ment with a lot of traffic, like a shop¬ping mall, is to prevent untaken printouts from ending up on the floor and becoming a slipping ha¬zard to passersby. A presenter with retract capability would be needed in this case. But with the Hengstler paper clip no additional space is needed for a presenter plus reject bin. The paper clip holds the paper inside the chute.

With a presenter the printer orientation plays a major role. The printer can only be mounted horizontally. With the Hengstler paper clip the printout can exit the kiosk; upward, downward, horizontally, at an angle. Printer orientation no longer plays a role.

The cutter almost always used in kiosk printers, but the type varies depending upon paper. Guillotine cutters are also sometimes configured to make either full cuts, severing the pa¬per completely, or partial cuts, leaving a small tab of paper holding the cut prin¬tout to the roll, on command, allowing one cutter to do both. Another cutter technology is the rotary cutter, where a rotating blade cuts against a flat one. A rotary cutter can only perform a full cut. Full cut is a term that refers to how the paper cutter serves paper. A full cut means that the paper is completely separated from the paper roll when it is cut, so it can fall fre¬ely. The advantage of full cut is that the printout is completely free after cutting and can be dropped into a chute or bin for customer access. This completely prevents vandals from pulling out the entire paper roll by grasping the prin¬tout that is still attached. Full cut is al¬ways used when a presenter is used, because the presenter must move the separated printout via its own paper transport mechanism. If full cut is used, the paper not yet printed can be retrac¬ted back into the printer to save paper on the next printout. The disadvantage of full cut is that the printout can fall to the floor causing clutter and possible slip hazards; it is not caught in a bin or something similar. The construction of such a bin or chute adds cost to the total system.

The Hengstler paper clip provides benefits to the kiosk owner, including reduced paper clutter. Convincing advantages which offer you the highest levels of security and operational ease to suit your application.